Powered by Lightning

Sparrow uses the same battery and management system as the incredible Lightning Motorcycle Superbike LS218

Lightning Motorcycle

The Lightning Energy Storage Solution from Lightning Motors Corporation, has been installed in a wide array of applications ranging from electric motorcycles and airplanes to fuel cell hybrid electric buses and electric yard trucks for ferrying shipping containers. The unique power solution has also been used for professional ocean racing sailboats as well as powering off-grid compounds. This same technology is used in Lightning’s electric superbike which holds the FIM, AMA and SCTA land speed records in addition to winning multiple road race series championships.

Lightning Energy Storage Solution utilizes automotive validated cells designed for safety and abuse resistance which strike an optimal balance between energy and power. Lightning’s Energy Storage solution packs have extremely low self-discharge and retain greater than 85% of initial capacity after more than 3,000 cycles at 100% DOD. Lightning’s packs are compatible with widely available level 2 chargers and high power fast DC chargers which can charge in less than 30 minutes.