Shakedown Run

Pacheco Pass

It was another beautiful weekend in Central California so Mike took the Sparrow out for a bit of a shakedown. This time the route was Pacheco Pass which is a twisty mountain highway with heavy traffic, high winds and a steep grade. Pacheco Pass ultimately reaches an elevation of 1,368 feet which is fairly reasonable by California standards, but the winds cutting through the pass can make the drive a bit more difficult. So does the need to accelerate with gusto to get around the slow moving truck traffic.

Here’s how the numbers looked on this trip:

  • 60 – 70 mph
  • 66.8 mile trip
  • Recharge took 14 KWH
  • Cost per KW $.11 – $1.54 Total
  • 209 WH per Mile
  • Recharge time  2 hours
  • Cost per mile: $.023

Image pilfered from Wikipedia. Thanks to whoever shot it!